Therapeutic Music


Aims and objectives:


Support clients in enhancing their self-esteem and confidence and promote the expression of emotion and self-expression. These sessions will provide clients with the opportunity to achieve this through the use of creative music sessions using music production equipment and instruments. This will also lead to motivation of joining other groups within the service.


Individually it is used to enable clients to explore past experiences through their lyrics and as a platform for self-expression. Also to explain events / situations in an alternative artistic way. This can also be continued support if needed.


Who is it suitable for?


After assessment this facilitated better on a one to one basis, with groups as a later discussion. Some clients have opened up more once they have heard another fellow client create music with a personal nature, but this is after they had gone through a one to one session for 8 weeks. Clients that have a creative interest not necessarily music can also be involved.

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