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Liz Stokes FCO representing Algerian PrisonsWe were particularly impressed by ZW Media's approach and enthusiasm both during her engagement with the group of young people and also when discussing the importance of embedded learning and adopting creative and innovative approaches to keep the young people engaged and interested.


A former resident of Aylesbury HMYOI, D Bailey: 'It gives you the chance to express yourself in ways you can't otherwise and has helped build my confidence to go back to my cell and write. I've learnt how to make my beats, save vocals and record on Garage Band (music editing software).''


Former resident MBH of Aylesbury HMYOI: ZW Media Limited was the first organisation to offer me a job after working with and engaging in Therapeutic Music and at first, I didn't believe she was being serious as I had no formal qualifications and had a criminal record. So when I did start working for ZW Media I was and still very thankful. They were a good employer and helped me throughout my time with them in and out of the workplace. I was always treated with respect. Working for them is a pleasure and doesn't feel like work as there is no pressure on you but gives a hand when in need. I have gained a lot of knowledge from them. I look forward to continuing working for them and I am now excited to see what the future holds.


Dr Mandy Brar - Clinical Psychologist - LPU, HMP Brixton: Within this time, I have observed how ZW Media Limited engage and motivate the men to take part in therapeutic music /radio and use this medium to support their engagement and involvement with the wider team/unit. Ms Williams structured interventions, as well as the informal time with the men, is used to inform the key work sessions, the teams understanding of the men and this is included in the formulations. Their engagement style has enabled the men to talk openly about issues they may otherwise not have been able to do. This work has enabled the men to repair ruptures in the therapeutic relationships-a core component of the work on the LPU and working with personality difficulties.


Dr Stephanie Hunter - Clinical Psychologist - Pathways Service HMYOI Aylesbury: Within this time I have observed ZW Media limited skillfully motivate and engage with a hard to reach population, focusing on their strengths and encouraging them to reflect on their own lives.


Kwaku Agyemang - Occupational Therapist - Pathways Service HMYOI Aylesbury: As an Occupational Therapist, it is great to see the young men engaging in an activity (music & radio production) of interest and meaning. I have observed the enthusiasm the young men have to learn new skills during their sessions with ZW Media Limited. ZW Media Limited has a fantastic way to engage with the young men especially when encouraging them to think about their life so far and put it down in words or music.





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